About us

Energy and Water Ombudsman SA
We are an independent service that can investigate and resolve disputes between electricity, gas and water retailers and distributors and their customers.
The Energy and Water Ombudsman (SA) Limited is a public company limited by guarantee and is governed by a Board of Directors whose principal sources of rules of governance include the Constitution and Charter.
Board of Directors
The Board comprises four Industry Directors elected by Scheme Members, four Consumer Directors nominated by the Essential Services Commission (of South Australia) and an independent Chair.
Board Committees
The Board has established Committees and has approved a formal Charter for each Committee detailing their roles and responsibilities.
Conduct & ethics, risk management and general meetings
This section outlines measures in place on conduct and ethics, risk management and general meetings.
How we can help you
We are an independent dispute resolution service and can assist you when you have been unable to resolve your complaint directly with your supplier.
Website feedback
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