Step 2: Contact us

Step 2: Contact us

If your supplier could not resolve your complaint to your satisfaction or within a reasonable time, free call us on 1800 665 565 or complete our online form.

As an independent dispute resolution service, we can assist with most issues that lead to complaints, such as billing, equipment problems, service connections, transfer of accounts and behaviour of staff. If we cannot handle a complaint, we will tell you who can.

Please remember that we are not an advocacy service and we cannot act on your behalf to resolve your complaint. When you raise a complaint with us we expect that you will speak to and work with the supplier to try to reach a resolution.

Be prepared

Have all of your notes with you when you call. This may be the first we have heard of the issue so we will need all the facts about your complaint and any response from the supplier.

Request an interpreter

If speaking English is hard for you, we can contact a person who speaks your language to help.

Making a complaint on behalf of someone else

If you are acting on behalf of someone else, we require permission from the account holder, please complete our Authority to Act form before proceeding. You can get a copy of the form here.

Information we will need

To allow us to discuss your complaint with your supplier, we will need to get information from you.

For example, if your complaint is regarding a high bill you should:

  • have the high bill with you
  • have details of your previous bills/usage
  • have your account/customer number
  • have your meter number (water), NMI (electricity) or MIRN (gas)
  • be prepared to explain exactly why you feel the bill is incorrect
  • tell us what you want/seek to resolve the dispute

Allow yourself enough time to talk to us (usually 15-20 minutes). If you cannot give us all the information we need to help you, we may ask you to call back at another time.

What happens next?

We will discuss your complaint with a senior person at the supplier.

If your energy has been disconnected, the supplier must contact you to arrange same day reconnection.

The supplier must contact you within two days of us raising your complaint with them to hear your concerns. They will investigate and get back to you within 20 business days with their findings.

While the complaint is open, the supplier must:

  • not disconnect or restrict your supply
  • put your account on hold, meaning not sending any reminder notices, taking any follow up action or credit collection activity.

When the supplier contacts you, make a note of the name of the person and what they have to say. In particular, take detailed notes if they can’t resolve your issue.

Disconnection or restriction

You may get disconnected or restricted because your supplier believes you have not paid your account in full. In that case:

  • you will need to work out a payment plan that you can afford for the outstanding amounts and future bills
  • your supplier is required to offer a hardship program if you have trouble paying your bills.

Further action

If you are still not happy that your supplier has considered and resolved your complaint, then tell the person calling that you will now refer the matter to the Ombudsman. See Step Three.