How we can help you

How we can help you

We can assist you when you have been unable to resolve your complaint directly with your supplier.

You must first give the supplier the opportunity to resolve your dispute before contacting us.

We are an independent dispute resolution service. We provide a free service to electricity, gas and water consumers; but we are not consumer advocates, nor do we advocate for the supplier.

Complaints we can take

You can contact us about your problems you may have about:

  • Your billing
  • Payment arrangements and difficulty in paying
  • Debt collection and credit default listings
  • Disconnection or restriction of your supply
  • Transferring from one energy supplier to another
  • Connection and supply of your energy or water services
  • The behaviour of your supplier’s staff, including their marketing and customer service departments
  • Meters, poles, wires and pipes
  • Energy and water supplier actions that may affect your land or other property
  • Your privacy

Complaints outside of our scope

There are some issues that we cannot take complaints about such as:

  • Pricing policies and tariff structures
  • Government policies, codes or legislation
  • Complaints that are being (or have been) considered in court, tribunal or arbitrator
  • Complaints about electrician, gas fitter or plumber services or appliances (including solar systems)
  • Consumer contributions to the cost of capital works
  • A supplier’s commercial activities outside of energy and water
  • Events beyond the supplier’s reasonable control
  • Actions a supplier is directed to take to maintain security or reliability.

If we are unable to assist you we will provide the appropriate contacts to help with your complaint.