Step 1: Contact your supplier

Step 1: Contact your supplier

If you have an issue about your energy or water supply, the first step is to contact your supplier directly and give them the chance to resolve it with you.

We cannot become involved if you have not given the supplier the opportunity to respond. They need to be aware of your complaint before we contact them. And in many cases the complaint can be dealt with in this way.

You can find the contact details for your supplier(s) here.

If you do contact us first and we refer you to your supplier, we still record your contact in our system.

Before calling your supplier

Take time to get all relevant documentation together. At the very least you will need to have

  • your account/customer number
  • the National Metering Identifier or NMI (electricity), Meter Installation Reference Number or MIRN (gas) or meter number (water).

Be sure that you can explain exactly what the problem is and what action you want to be taken. Write notes for yourself if that will help.

When you call

Even if you feel emotional about the situation, be polite, try to remain calm and give clear, factual information. Answer all questions, even if they seem strange or irrelevant to you.

Tell the supplier what the issue is and what you are asking/what you want from them. Request that they reply soon.

You can inform them that you going to contact us if your complaint is not resolved.

Have a pen and paper ready. Write down details of all calls, including the date, time and who you to spoke to and any reference numbers that were provided. Ask for the name of the person you are speaking with.

Keep copies of any formal communication (letters, emails, faxes, bills or other documents) between you and the supplier.

Next steps

If you have resolved your complaint directly with the supplier, that’s great. If not, now is the time to contact us. Go to Step Two.