Applying for membership

Scheme participants

Electricity and gas transmission, distribution and retail service providers (including certain exempt sellers) and water and sewerage service providers (with certain exceptions) are required to participate in an ombudsman scheme. The Energy & Water Ombudsman SA is the prescribed ombudsman scheme in South Australia.

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A person is eligible to join the Scheme only if the person holds one of the following:

  • a retail, distribution or transmission licence issued under the Electricity Act 1996 (SA)
  • a retail or distribution licence issued under the Gas Act 1997 (SA)
  • any licence issued under the Water Industry Act 2012
  • a relevant authorisation under the National Energy Retail Law (SA) Act 2011
  • a holder of an exemption under one of the above acts, or
  • an exempt energy seller or an exempt network service provider (for example and Embedded Network operator)

and provides energy or water services to small customers in South Australia.


The current funding model was developed and approved by Members. The funding arrangements are based on a ‘user pays’ business model and are made up of three components:

  • a fixed component based on customer numbers
  • a contribution to fixed costs, and
  • a balance based on case handling fees.

The fee structure is reviewed annually to accommodate any changes to the Scheme and the memberships. The fees and levies for the current financial year are available from the Company Secretary at

Membership applications

Application forms are available from the Company Secretary at

You may lodge your completed application with the Company Secretary by:

  • post: GPO Box 2947, Adelaide, SA 5001
  • email:, or
  • deliver to the Company’s office at Level 11, 50 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA 5000.

The Company Secretary will present your application to the Board for consideration at their next meeting. The Board of Directors meet six times a year. If your application is urgent, it can be dealt with outside a Board meeting by request to the Company Secretary.

You will be required to provide some information about your organisation to us at the application stage and some after your application has been accepted. We will contact you once your application for membership has been approved.

Further information

For further information about membership with the Scheme, please refer to the Membership Application Manual below or contact the Company Secretary at

Membership Application Manual