Board Committees

Board Committees

The Company’s Constitution provides for the Board to appoint, from time to time, a Budget Committee, comprising an equal number of industry directors (being directors nominated by the Members) and consumer directors/the independent Chair (being directors appointed from groups representing customers of electricity, gas and water services or representing public interest issues relevant to electricity, gas and water services or directors appointed otherwise than by Members).

In addition to the Budget Committee, the Board can establish other Committees as appropriate. Members of Committees can be directors and officers of the Company and any other persons the Board may select. The Board may delegate any of its powers and/or functions (except powers conferred and duties imposed on the Directors by law which are incapable of delegation) to a Committee or an officer of the Company.

The Board has established Committees as set out below and has approved a formal Charter for each Committee detailing their roles and responsibilities. Other committees may be established from time to time for specific purposes.

Budget Committee

For each Financial Year, the Budget Committee formulates and submits to the Board a proposed Annual Funding Figure and proposed Budget in consultation with the Ombudsman before the commencement of the Financial Year.

The current Members of the Budget Committee are:

  • Patrick Makinson, Chair
  • Margaret Cross
  • John Hill
  • Kerry Rowlands

Peter Bicknell, the Independent Chair of the Board, attends as an observer.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee reviews the Directors’ fees and the Ombudsman’s remuneration annually.

The current members of the Remuneration Committee are:

  • Geoff Barton (Chair)
  • Jessie Byrne
  • Kay Matthias
  • Anthony Sinclair

Peter Bicknell, the Independent Chair of the Board, attends as an observer.